The following briefly describes what is available at Mick Poole's Driving School:

Driving lessons – I am an Approved Driving Instructor in the Boston area, and already have a very good pass rate.  I use a Visual Teaching System to enhance my lesson presentation, helping pupils with diagrams, explanations and demonstrations.  This provides you with structured tuition and easy to understand information to build your knowledge in a clear and logical way. Lessons are fun! This helps you to enjoy your lessons, making learning quicker and easier.  

Supplementary Tuition – To consolidate the skills that you have learned whilst learning to drive I will also cover the following modules as part of your standard driver training: driving at night, driving in all weather conditions, driving out-of-town, and dual-carriageway driving. Motorway tuition can now be given to learner drivers (see below).

Motorway Tuition – It is now possible to drive on motorways before passing your driving test (Note: you MUST  be accompanied by a qualified ADI and in a car with dual controls).  Motorway lessons are available, but due to the distance to the nearest motorway, an extended 3-hour lesson is required. 

Refresher lessons – If you have not driven for a while or have lost your confidence for some reason then you may want to consider some refresher driving lessons. I will get you back up to a good driving standard without the pressure of having to pass the driving test again.

Retest training – If you have lost your licence for whatever reason and need to pass your driving test again I can channel the skills you have already learned.

Online learning package – I offer all my learners access to the eDriving Solutions online learning resource. This resource includes: e-learning modules and e-learning assessments together with the official DSA Theory Test revision question bank and official DSA Hazard Perception Test practice clips. So you won’t need to spend money buying CD’s.